"The doors opened and the stretcher came out with a little tiny girl lying on it covered in a white sheet with blood all over the place.”

beyond the bullet

"Keeping Children Safe from Guns"

The Malibu Times 3/04/09
Local contractor John Johannessen works for tougher gun control laws "because no parent should have to go through what me and thousands of other parents across the country have gone through."

"Gun Advocates Ignore Lessons of Columbine"
Columbian 4/16/06
This summer I’ll attend my 20 year high school reunion and Topic A will be – as it has been for the past seven years – the massacre and what hasn’t happened since.


American Children Die Because of Easy Access to Guns"
Tacoma News Tribune 2/11/05
Imagine that you heard that improperly buckled child car seats had killed 71 preschoolers in a single year – more than the 56 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2002.


Contemplating Columbine
Denver Post April 19, 2009


What I learned After Columbine
Oregonian April 20, 2009


Bits 'n' pieces: Columbine connection inspires local writer's debut
Columbian April 19, 2009


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KATU Portland (NBC)
January 2001
Local girl killed by her brother with their father’s accessible gun

KOIN Portland (CBS)
January 2003
Local girl killed by her brother with their father’s accessible gun

KGW Portland (NBC)
April 2001
ASKing Saves Kids Campaign


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