“The best thing for me to do was play dead so he wouldn’t shoot me again.” -Lonnie

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beyond the bullet


  why I wrote the book
  Why I wrote the book
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How do ordinary people cope after a loved one is killed due to gun violence? It’s a question that more than 30,000 families must face every year in America. In this gripping book, survivors, friends, and family members discuss their lives from the moment their worlds were turned upside down by guns. In their own words, they discuss the anguish, fear, confusion, and grief they were plunged into as a result of a pulled trigger. Along the way, author Heidi Yewman finds some common traits and some astonishing illustrations of how grief plays out for different people in tragically similar circumstances.


“What’s often lost in the debate about guns in this country is the direct human impact. This book takes the debate beyond statistics and theoretical positions and shows just how devastating gun violence can be.

~ Paul Helmke, President, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


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